Appraiser Referrals

What It Is

If you are a licensed appraiser and have a client who needs appraisal services on a gas station property or business, refer them to Petroleum Realty Advisors and, in exchange, we will pay you a referral fee equal to 10% of the assignment fee.

Why You Should Refer Appraisal Assignments

Competency - Appraisers Need to Know Their Limits

Licensed appraisers must comply with USPAP, while members of the Appraisal Institute must also comply with the AI's Code of Ethics. Both documents have strict competency provisions that should not be taken lightly. After reviewing appraisals from all over the Pacific Northwest, we can say with confidence that, where gas stations are concerned, the level of competency among appraisers in the region is extremely low.

We've seen clients incur real, single-property losses into seven figures because they relied on appraisers who claimed competency and weren't. Declining market conditions expose incompetent valuation services. Don't risk your license and your livelihood for one assignment fee. It isn't worth it!

Serve Your Clients Better

When you refer a client to Petroleum Realty Advisors, you can be sure your clients will get unequalled service. No other firm in the region exclusively specializes in gas stations, or has the valuation skills that come from offering appraisal, brokerage, and mortgage brokerage services. Your clients will be grateful for the referral and will have greater respect for you.

Protect Your Business

Just as important, when you refer a client to us, you can be sure that your business interests will be protected. We will never solicit the referred client for work that doesn't involve gas stations or petroleum properties. Your established client relationship remains intact.

Help Our Economic Recovery By Helping Lenders

In the current environment, lenders are extremely sensitive to risk and need highly qualified valuation services to originate new loans. They also need highly qualified appraisal services to work out the troubled assets accumulating on their books. Appraisers often don't understand how powerful their reports are and how those reports can help--or seriously hinder--the workout process. Referring lender clients to Petroleum Realty Advisors ensures they receive the most qualified gas station appraisal services possible and helps us all take one more step forward toward recovery.

How It Works

It is important that we receive notice of the referral in writing. To refer a client to us, send an e-mail to us at referrals at petroadvisors dot com Be sure to include the following information:

  • Client information: name, company name, phone number, fax number, cell phone number, and mailing address
  • Property information: station brand, property type/configuration, address, assessor parcel, and map/tax lot
  • Valuation scenario: why is an appraisal needed?
  • Contact arrangements: is the client waiting for us to call them, or is the client going to call us?
  • Any other information that would help us serve the client better and ensure that we know the referral came from you!

If the referral turns into a revenue-producing assignment for Petroleum Realty Advisors, we will forward you 10% of the assignment fee upon receipt of payment from the client. If more than one party refers the same client to us, as does happen from time to time, we will split the referral fee among the referring parties.

Other Experts

Clients often ask us for referrals to other appraisal experts. Currently, we are referring clients to the following appraisal professionals: