Architectural and Design Services

After appraising hundreds of petroleum facilities in the Pacific Northwest, we have the experience and knowledge to evaluate a facility's strengths and weaknesses. Do we have the technical and professional skills to offer architectural and design services? We do now. We are extremely proud to have partnered with Peter Kappertz of Kappertz Design Corporation to ensure that our clients get the highest quality design services they need and deserve.

Gas stations are capital intensive, function-specific assets. When you rely on an architect who does not specialize in these assets, you run the extremely high risk of building a facility that will not maximize its sales potential. Once you've built that station, any functional problems with its design will be forever locked in place. We have seen too many cases where people have literally spent millions of dollars to build a new gas station, only to end up with a facility that is overbuilt, is ineffective at marketing its products to its customers, or has atypically high operating expenses. All too often, the end result is significant financial loss for the owner.

The economics of building and operating a gas station are challenging. Be sure to rely on the right team to get you started on a path that maximizes your facility's odds of success. Contact us first so that Peter Kappertz and Petroleum Realty Advisors can make sure you get started on the right path.