Appraisal and Consulting Services Offered

New clients are surprised to find a company devoted to such a narrow niche. However, there are about 5,000 gas stations in the Pacific Northwest and the need for appraisal and consulting services is larger than one expects. Our services are needed in a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Financing appraisals for purchases/sales, new facility construction, renovation of existing facilities, and ground-up rebuilds;
  • Valuation and price counseling for the buying and selling of facilities, from one site to hundreds;
  • Condemnation appraisals in defense of city, state, or federal government eminent domain actions;
  • Internal Revenue Service-compliant appraisals for estate planning;
  • Cost segregation appraisals for allocations of real estate, personal property, and business/goodwill values;
  • Property tax appeals;
  • Appraisals for divorce arbitration and litigation proceedings;
  • Asset valuation for partnership/corporation formation and dissolution;
  • Jobbership appraisals;
  • Business appraisals;
  • Feasibility studies for new construction and remodeling of existing stations to maximize productivity;
  • Review of leases for completeness, defensibility, equity, and maximum productivity and benefit;
  • Development and production of prospectuses for the marketing of petroleum marketing assets and/or jobberships;
  • Expert witness testimony related to any of these services.

If you own an interest in a gas station, any interest at all, then when you are faced with a business decision that involves the value of that station, call us. Nobody else in the region is as qualified to help you.